Achievements / Good Work

Police can be defined as an organization of the Government to enforce laws, maintain public peace, order and security, control traffic, provide security to the citizens and protect individual's rights as per the Constitution. Police personnel undergo strict training regimens, practice organizational discipline, and follow clear chains of authority. Over the decades the functions of the police force have undergone amendments and its role will further evolve in a changing society. Today besides solving crime, the police are the frontline forces in fighting communal disturbances, internal strife, naxal threats, crimes of a diverse nature, law and order problems, natural calamities, and numerous other complex issues. The police plays the foremost role in maintaining peace and tranquillity within the borders of India. The Police force are recognised for their achievements in various fields due to their dedication and determination towards their duty. Achievements by various Police forces in the country in various fields are portrayed under this section.