National Police Memorial

Following the dawn of Independence in 1947, the people of India through their elected representatives have been engaged in the noble task of nation building. However, from the very beginning, India has faced challenges to its unity and territorial integrity from both external and internal sources. Besides fighting four wars in 1948, 1965, 1971 and 1999 with Pakistan and in 1962 with China, India has also faced a large number of serious challenges to its internal security which include insurgency and militancy in the North-Eastern States, Pak inspired terrorism both in the J&K and in the hinterland and due to the activities of Left Wing Extremist elements, who have been active in several States of the country.

From the very beginning, the Police forces of the country have displayed exemplary dedication to duty and have spared no sacrifice in tackling the challenges to the internal security of the country from terrorist, militants, organised criminals, dacoits and other anti-social elements. From 1947 onwards till date more than 34,000 Policemen have laid down their lives at the altar of duty while protecting the life and property of ordinary citizens, maintaining public order and in combating terrorism, militants and extremists of various hues.