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    Recovery Of Stolen Property

  • Delhi
  • 2019-12-11

Brief of Work Done

TWO DESPERATE BURGLARS-CUM-SNATCHERS ARRESTED BY THE TEAM OF STARS-I CRIME BRANCH “TWO DESPERATEBURGLARS-CUM-SNATCHERS ARRESTED BY THE TEAM OF STARS-I CRIME BRANCH” ü TWOLED TVs, ONE MUSIC SYSTEM (HOME THEATRE), ONE MICROWAVE OVEN, ONE ELECTRIC INDUCTION,THREE WRIST WATCHES AND 11 MOBILE PHONES RECOVERED. ü 02 CASESOF BURGLARY AND 8 CASES OF THEFT WORKED OUT I. INTRODUCTION: - The Staff of STARS-1, Crime Branch, R K Puram,Delhi have arrested two desperate burglars-cum-snatchersnamely (1) Rajan @ Lala, R/o MangolPuri, New Delhi, age-21 years and (2) Praveen @ Dabbu, R/o Budh Vihar,phase-New Delhi, age- 21 years from the area of Sanjay Gandhi Hospital, MangolPuri, New Delhi &recovered Two LED TV, one music system(Home theatre), One microwave Owen, One electric stove, three wrist watches and11 mobile phones from their possession. II. TEAM& OPERATION:- The STARS-I team, R. K Puram of Crime Branchwas assigned the task of tracking the movements of criminals indulged in burglariesand snatchings in Delhi. After sustained field work and diligent tracking, Ct.Sushil received a secret information that two active burglars/snatchers areselling stolen articles in the area of Mangol Puri, Delhi. This information was further developed bythe team led of Inspr. Gagan Bhaskar, SIs Rajeev Malik, Sandeep, ASIs JaiPrakash, Vijay Singh, HCs. Rajinder, Vinod, Cts. Sushil Kumar,Rishi and Sandeepand under the supervision of ACP Ms. Shweta Singh Chauhan. Thereafter, a trapwas laid near the expected place of his arrival at Mangolpuri, Delhi. Theteam laid a trap and apprehended two Burglars/Snatchers involved inBurglary namely (1)Rajan @ Lala, R/o Mangol Puri, NewDelhi, Age-21 years and (2) Praveen @ Dabbu, R/o Budh Vihar, phase-New Delhi,Age- 21 years. III. INTERROGATION& MODUS OPERANDI:- During sustained interrogation, they disclosedthat they are drug addicts and wanted toearn money for living lavish life. Rajan@ Lala and Praveen @ Dabbu are involved in Burglary/theft cases in Outer Delhi area.They used to reccee the locked houses during day time and target them duringlate night and wee hours. Sometimes, because of their inebriated condition,they commit burglaries during daytime as well. Most of the recovered items relatesto cases registered at PS Prem Nagar. IV. PROFILE OF THE ACCUSED PERSONS:- (1) Rajan @ Lala, R/o Mangol Puri, New Delhi, age-21 years, wasborn in Mangolpuri, Delhi and residing at the above address. He studied up tothe 8th standard. He started committing crimes alongwith hisassociate Praveen @ Dabbu who is also living in Mangolpuri, Delhi area. (2) Praveen @ Dabbu, R/o Budh Vihar, NewDelhi, age- 21 was born in Mangolpuri, Delhi and residing at the above address. He studied upto 8th standard. He started committing crimes alongwith his abovementioned associates Rajan @ Lala living in the same vicinity. He was alsopreviously arrested in cases of robbery and murder in Delhi. IV. THE DETAILS OF WORKED OUT CASES ARE ASFOLLOWS; - S.No. FIR NO. U/S PS 1 1289/19 U/S 379 P.S.Prem nagar,Delhi 2 1175/19 U/S 379 P.S.Prem nagar,Delhi 3 602/19 U/S 380/454 P.S.Prem nagar,Delhi 4 619/19 U/S 457/380 P.S.Prem nagar,Delhi 5 1279/19 U/S 379 P.S.Prem nagar,Delhi 6 1271/19 U/S 379 P.S.Prem nagar,Delhi 7 1222/19 U/S 379 P.S.Prem nagar,Delhi 8 1424/19 U/S 379 P.S.Prem nagar,Delhi 9 1485/19 U/S 379 P.S.Prem nagar,Delhi 10 633/19 U/S 380 P.S.Prem nagar,Delhi V. RECOVERY:- (1) TWO LED TVs (2) ONE MUSIC SYSTEM (HOME THEATRE) (3) ONE MICROWAVE OVEN (4) ONE ELECTRIC INDUCTION (5) THREE WRIST WATCHES (6) 11 MOBILE PHONES Concerned local police have been informed regarding their arrest and forfurther necessary legal action at their end. DRG.RAM GOPAL NAIK, DEPUTY.COMMISIONER OF POLICE, (STARS &STF) CRIME BRANCH: DELHI

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