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  • 2019-11-02

Brief of Work Done

BLIND MUDER REPORTED IN PS BAHADURGARH & PS CHHAWLA AREA SOLVED Dated: 02.11.19 BLIND MUDERREPORTED IN PS BAHADURGARH & PS CHHAWLA AREA SOLVED WITH THE ARREST OF 03ACCUSED PERSONS, BOTH MURDERS COMMITTED ON SAME DAY. THE SAME SET OF ACCUSEDPERSONS WERE FURTHER ON THE WAY TO COMMIT THIRD MURDER AT JHATIKRA ROAD, BUTTHE POLICE TRAILING THEM TOOK TIMELY ACTION AND AVERTED THE MURDER AND SAVEDTHE LIFE OF A PERSON · THREE YOUTHS CONSPIRED TO TAKE THEIR RESPECTIVE REVENGE ANDCOLLABORATED TO COMMIT MURDERS ONE AFTER ANOTHER · ALL THREE ACCUSED ARE NOVICE. UNDER THE CONSPIRACY, THEY GETLODGED DD ENTRY REGARDING THEIR OWN MISSING IN THEIR RESPECTIVE POLICESTATIONS, SO THAT THEIR FAMILY MEMBERS ARE NOT QUESTIONED AFTER THE COMMISSIONOF MURDER. · EACH ACCUSED CONTRIBUTED HIS PART. ONE PROVIDED MONEY BY SELLINGHIS GOLD ITEMS, ANOTHER ARRANGED MURDER WEAPON & MOTORCYCLE AND ANOTHEREXECUTED THE MURDER. · ONE SOPHISTICATED PISTOL, ONE COUNTRY MADE PISTOL WITH LIVECARTRIDGES RECOVERED ALONG WITH MOTORCYCLE USED IN MURDERS. Ateam of police officials of Special Staff of Dwarka District led by Insp.Naveen Kumar and comprising of SI Ranjeev Tyagi, ASI Umesh, ASI Bijender, CtKulbhushan, Ct Sandeep, Ct Ravi, Ct Manoj, Ct Rajkumar& Ct Upender underthe close supervision of Sh.RajenderSingh, ACP/Operations arrested three accusedpersons who were wanted in brutal murders committed on 26.10.2019. While onemurder in Najafgarh area was registered vide FIR No. 434/19, U/S 302 IPC &25/27 Arms Act PS Chhawla another was reportedly registered vide FIR No. 238/19U/S 302 IPC & 25/27 Arms Act in PS Bahadurgarh.All three have beenarrestedvide FIR No. 444/19 U/S 25/27 Arms Act dt 02.11.2019, PS Chhawla. INCIDENT: On26.10.2019 at about 2:00 PM, information was received at PS Bahadurgarhregarding gunshot injury to a youth. The injured was identified as Sunny Dabla.An FIR No. 238/19 U/S 302 IPC & 25/27 Arms Act PS Bahadurgarh Line Par wasregistered regarding the incident. Onthe same day, at about 4:30 PM, information was received at PS Chhawlaregarding gunshot injury to a youth in the area of RoshanViharChhawla.PCR vanreached at the spot and found a person lying in pool of blood,who was shiftedto RTRM Hospital. The injured was identified as Jitender @ Jeetu R/O VillNajafgarh, ND. FIR No. 434/19 U/S 307 IPC& 25/27 Arms Act, PS Chhawla wasregistered against unknown persons. Section 307 IPC was amended withSection 302 IPC as injured succumbed to injury during treatment. TEAM &OPERATION: SpecialStaff/Dwarka District swung into action immediately to work out the gruesomemurder. The team put in all its resources, including manual and technicalsurveillance. CDRs of several numbers were analyzed alongwith the CCTV footagesfrom several cameras. Several suspects were interrogated to get any clue aboutthe murder. It was ascertained that the deceased had strained matrimonialrelations and had been living separately from his wife for long. To getreliable information, best informers were briefed and pressed into service. Theteam of Spl. Staff, who rushed to the spot collected important inputs afterscanning over the CCTV cameras installed on the route from Village Paprawat toJhajjar. They developed the photographs/images from the CCTVs and with the helpof local sources in Jhajjar area identified the criminals involved in all thesecrimes and started trailing their movement vigorously. Finallyon the basis of specific inputs, on 02.11.19 the team received information thatthree persons, who are involved in murders in Chhawala and Bahadurgarh aregoing to commit third murder in Najafgarh and can be trapped at RewlaKhanpurMod, JhatikaraRoad in Chhawla area. Accordingly, the team laid a trap and apprehendedthree accused on an Apache motorcycle and in possession of illegal/prohibited firearm/ammunition.They have confessed to their involvements in two murders. Further investigationis in progress. INTERROGATION: AccusedMayankYadav is a resident of Vill-Paprawat, Najafgarh New Delhi and is pursuing a course of D.Pharma from areputed University after completion of 12th. Due to bad company, he did not dowell in study and often bunked classes for partying with friends. AccusedSachinGulia is his school friend. The daughter of his maternal uncle (mama)was married to Jitender @ Jeetu(deceased) of his village. But after some daysof marriage, the relations between the couple soured and the bride wasallegedly pushed out of her matrimonial home. It became source of daily confrontations within the family also, as theywere being held responsible for the mismatch. Jitender @ Jeetu was allegedlytaunting often to Mayank for leaving his wife. It developed the enmity in themind of Mayank as the estranged wife of Jitender @ Jeetu was his sister (mama’sdaughter). He decided to take revenge and kill Jitender @ Jeetu. AccusedSachinGulia is also resident of Najafgarhand school friend of MayankYadav. He did BCA from Delhi in 2017. He could notget proper job after BCA and worked in call centre of a reputed company inGreater Noida. He left the job as he did not deem it appropriate for himselfand continued his bad company since school friends. He had a long relationshipwith a girl since school days. But the girl recently left him for some otherboy. He developed enmity with that boy and decided to kill him. AccusedKapil is permanent resident ofBahadurgarh. His elder brother had a fight with oneSunny Dabla who lived insame locality. Sunny Dabla allegedly injured his brother last year andthreatened family to leave the locality. His family shifted to Najafgarh due tothe threat. He developed enmity with Sunny Dabla and decided to kill him forforcing the family to leave Bahadurgarh. He discussed it with his friend Naveenwho pledged to help. Thougheach person was striving to take revenge, On the eve of Dussehra,they met anddecided to execute their plan together Kapil, who expressed his helplessness tocontribute money, offered to actually murder the targets. Accordingly,MayankYadav,not able to get funds from home, sold his mobile etc. and contributed appx.Rs.10,000/-. SachinGulia sold his gold rings and chain to contribute appx.25,000/-. Naveen arranged for motorcycles and also arranged weapon. On26.10.19, all three persons on two motorcycles reached Bahadurgarhat about 2 PMand started looking for Sunny Dabla. He was spotted by Kapil and Naveen, whowere on same motorcycle and Kapil fired upon Sunny Dabla from close range andhe died. After the murder Naveen took one motorcycle and other three reached VillagePaprawat, Najafgarh to look for Jitender @ Jeetu. He was traced by them near tohis fields and was called on pretext of asking for way. As he came near tothem, Kapil fired upon him from close range and all three fled from scene. Theysearched for boy for whom the girl left Sachin Gulia, same day but could notspot him. Today,all three apprehended offenders were out to spot the boy for whom the girl leftSachin Gulia, as their last target and were determined to commit his murder butteam of Special Staff foiled their plan and arrested them. They are beinginterrogated about whereabouts of their friend Naveen and concerned IOs ofmurder cases are being intimated. All three accused are novice. Under the conspiracy, they getlodged dd entry regarding their own missing in their respective policestations, so that their family members are not questioned after the commissionof murder. ARRESTEDPERSONS: 1. MayankYadav R/O VPO - Paprawat,Najafgarh. Age - 22Yrs. 2. Kapil R/O Dharampura, Najafgarh. P/R/O-ShankarGarden, Line Par Bahadurgarh, Haryana. Age- 19 yrs. 3. SachinGulia R/O NewRoshanPura,Najafgarh. Age- 25 Yrs. RECOVERY: · One sophisticated pistol with two liverounds. (Used in murder) · One country made pistol with two liverounds. · One Apache motorcycle (used in offence) ANTO ALPHONSE), IPS DY.COMMISSIONER OF POLICE, DWARKADISTRICT, NEW DELHI

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